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Making Laos and Japan Closer

We, PTP Corporation, conduct business through running J-mart (Japanese food and groceries store) and Arigato Shop (15,000 shops) in Vientiane, and also operate FoRest Hotel in Pakse. Since the establishment of PTP Corporation in 2012, we have been supported by many Laotian and Japanese customers living in Laos, and private companies running business through agriculture or restaurant. We deeply appreciate to all of your kindness and cooperation.

“Making Laos and Japan closer”. Since the first establishment, we have always carried out this policy since we strongly believe that cooperation between both countries will lead them a better future. For instance, by making use of accumulated technological knowledge in Japan and wide varieties of natural resources and agricultural products in Laos, both countries can contribute to economic growth reciprocally . Moreover, Laos and Japan have had great friendship for 60-years. We, PTP Corporation, does and will contribute to make this relationship stronger and stronger.

Under this policy, we sell Japanese products in Vientiane, imported from Japan directly, and also operate FoRest hotel so as to stimulate the participation of Japanese companies into South Laos. Furthermore, as a consultant, we not only support Japanese companies’ marketing, but also provide study tour for Japanese high school and university students. So as to expand our contribution, we are planning to export products made in Laos to Japan in the near future.


Likewise, we will keep contributing to better relationship between Laos and Japan as a sparkling bridge. If there are something that we can support your ambition, please feel free to contact us. “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

We believe our small steps in daily life will change this world to a better place. 


President Yuki Morino

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