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​Acceptance of Internship

We accept internships in Vientiane and Pakse, aiming at providing valuable working experience in South East Asia. Two host organizations will provide different working experience, although, the common feature is you can get involved to business. If you are interested in living and working in developing countries, this internship will be the first step for your future career.


Working at J-mart, which is supermarket for Japanese foods and groceries, and exploring new customers and new supply chains. In addition, interns will be engaged to sell and promote cosmetic products of Japanese company which we recently started dealing in. Through this job, you are expected to

1, Survey Laotian market

2, Create selling strategies and advertising products for indigenous people.

3, Recognise the advantages of Japanese products and marketing them properly.

4, Advertise PTP and our products by using internet.

Interns needed to stay at least 1 month. They should be interested in the business in developing countries for any reasons, especially marketing, surveillance, selling and maintaining existing business. 


Working for One District for One Products (ODOP) project, and being in charge of some products’ selling under a Japanese specialist.

Through this job, you are expected to,

1, Create new products

2, Finalise still ongoing products

3, Survey local and global market and consumer demand

4, Advertise products by internet

5, Developing new market and customers

Host organisation will decide which project you will be engaged with depends on your skills and demand.

Internship Duration

We accept internship through a year. It depends on you when you start internship.

Internship duration should be at least one month and no longer than 6 months.


Required Language Skill

English: Daily conversation level



Guest house; private room with bathroom (loo and shower room). Wifi




Skills you can acquire

The experience of global business

The knowledge of selling and marketing

The business experience in South East Asia

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