Here are some of the products we sell

We play an important role as a selling agency for companies which intend to participate in Lao market!


  We have deep knowledge of selling and marketing which were accumulated through long history of business in Pakse and Vientiane. If you are interested in expanding business or making connection with indigenous companies, please  let us know.

We are happy to support your ambition! 

Let us help you transport your parcel from Japan to Laos!


 2 steps to send your parcel.

1, Sending your parcel to the informed address in Japan. (Please contact us)

2, You can come and pick up the parcel at J-mart


1; If sum of width (W), height (H) and depth (D) of the parcel is less than 140cm AND the weight is less than 18kg.


Ex1, A  parcel which width, height and depth are respectively 10cm, 20cm, 15cm (45 cm in total), it will             cost 1296 yen.

Ex2, A parcel which total size is over 120cm (sum of the WHD) and weight is LESS THAN 15kg will cost               2916 yen.


2, Parcels which are bigger than those size.

  Those parcels will cost 50,000 yen par 1㎥, and those are needed to be sent to warehouse in Adachi-Ku. We will contact you after we receive the information of the parcel so as to inform you exactly where you should send your parcel and how much does it cost.


*It is not included the domestic sending cost of the parcel. (from your house to our company in Japan)

*A reference number will be given when you inform us contents, weight and size of the parcel. Please make sure to write the reference number on the box of the parcel before you send it to us.

*Please check a bill when you pick up the parcel at J-mart.

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