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ジョージア大使館イベント Georgia Embassy Events




On February 22, a reception was held by the Embassy of Japan at a hotel in Tbilisi to celebrate the Emperor's Birthday and to deepen the friendship between Japan and Georgia, inviting about 500 guests. PTP Caucasus was invited by the Embassy of Japan and participated in the event. At the reception, PTP Caucasus displayed about 100 of its representative products and explained the company's business to the participants.

There were two things that surprised us: First, although we thought that we had a certain level of name recognition after six months since our opening, very few people knew about Ping Tokyo Plaza, which made us keenly aware that the company has not yet penetrated the Georgian public. Of course, not a few participants showed interest in the products exhibited, and we realized that the business has great potential, but we were shocked at the fact that it was almost unknown to non-Japanese participants. I think the number of participants who knew about it was roughly 2% at most. We still need to make more efforts.

The second point that surprised me was that in his speech, Ambassador Ishizuka of Japan in Georgia introduced us as the third Japanese company following Toyota and Mazda. I was very surprised that Toyota and Mazda were mentioned, but I had never expected that he would mention our company. It is a sobering experience to realize that even a small business like ours is playing a part in shaping the image of Japan in the local market. We hope to raise our profile a little more by next year's Emperor's Birthday.



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