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セルビア出張報告 Business Trip to Serbia

文責:PTPEURO株式会社 田宮東








Responsibility: Azuma Tamiya, PTPEURO Co.

From March 4 to 6, I went on a business trip to Serbia as part of PTPEURO's research on potential countries for its next expansion.

In the Serbian market, in addition to a high level of trust in Japanese products, the population of the capital Belgrade alone is comparable to that of Moldova, and the income is 150-200 EURO higher than that of Moldova, giving the impression that the market has purchasing power with many migrants to the EU.

However, there are certain concerns about sales at high profit margins because of the low prices of ready-made goods and the influx of Chinese goods, as well as the fact that many products are manufactured domestically due to the country's success in attracting foreign investment.

In addition, the tax system requires capital strength, as customs duties are 20-30% and income tax is 63-68%, and rent is relatively expensive (4,500€ for 130 square meters in the city).

A Korean goods store was thriving, but the sales price was relatively low, and the owner said that customers often pointed out the difficulty of selling at such a low price.

There was also a Japanese-owned cafe called "Wagokoro" that was very prosperous, which was impressive and showed the interest in Japanese culture.

We sensed the expectation and purchasing power for Japanese products, and will consider future expansion to other countries in the Balkans, taking into account the amount of money available for investment.



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