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トビリシ日本文化イベント参加 Participation in Tbilisi Japanese cultural events




Although the Ping Tokyo Plaza Tbilisi store has just opened, we received an introduction from a Japanese language school in Georgia and participated in three events in October: a Japan Fair, an anime music festival, and Halloween. Store sales are still at a low stage, but we were very successful at these events. As I do not speak Georgian, I was solely in charge of putting out products, but I was so busy that the products in the stalls would disappear if I was idle for a moment. Many customers also asked me if I had a store and where it was located.

Almost as soon as the store opened, I believe most Japanese residents in Georgia visited the store. It also seemed to be known in the Russian community, which is familiar with Japanese food, and we had many Russian customers, but the important thing was that it had not penetrated the Georgians very well. However, through participating in events like this and strengthening SNS with the guidance of Mr. Tamiya from Moldova, I feel that we are gradually penetrating the Georgian people.

Of course, there is still a long way to go. I feel that young people who come to events and are familiar with SNS are gradually becoming aware of us, but we have not reached the heart of Georgian society. Pinto, which now has an unshakeable position in Laos, was not well known when it started as J-Mart, and I remember that it took two years for it to take off. I would like to shorten the time it takes for the Tbilisi store to take off as much as possible and somehow get it off the ground. (Yonesaka)



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