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(ラオス)日本国天皇誕生日レセプションにおける海産物ブースの出展 (Lao PDR) Seafood booth at the Emperor of Japan’s birthday reception



We exhibited a PR booth for Japanese seafood at the Emperor Birthday Reception, a ceremony hosted by the Japanese Embassy in Laos. This reception was attended by a large number of guests, including Laotian government officials, and was held through public private collaboration between the embassy and PTP, with the aim of promoting Japanese seafood inLaos. In collaboration with the local Japanese restaurant NAOKI we served mini seafood bowl stopped with a variety of seafood from Japan, and about 350 guests visited our booth on the day.Many guests commented on the deliciousness of the seafood, which they had rarely had the chance to try before, such as scallops, salmon roe, mackerel, and yellowtail, and the booth was so popular that there was always a line of people waiting. Some guests also commented that they would like to buy those sea foods again at Pin Tokyo Plaza next time, and we believe that we have greatly contributed to the goal of promoting Japanese seafood.PTP will continue to carry out a wide range of activities in cooperation with local communities in order to appeal the value of Japanese products and services.



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