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2本目コンテナの苦労と到着のご報告Report on the difficulties and arrival of the second container





The second 40-foot container from Japan arrived at the port of Pochi on November 2 and was transported to Tbilisi on the 5th. From there, the customs clearance process went on and on, with the exception of beverages, which finally entered the stores on the 28th. For some reason, there was a difference in customs clearance for the beverages, and the beverages did not arrive until December.

According to the customs broker, it was the same as the customs clearance of the previous container, with customs officials looking at the invoice every day and continually saying, "What is this?" It took so much time that the customs broker had no experience with this. This may be the result of a considerable number of items in addition to unfamiliar products. In any case, losses due to sales delays are not small. On top of that, the stores cannot sell the products unless the JAN codes of the arrived products are entered into the cash register software under the supervision of the national tax authorities, and the products cannot be sold immediately after the shipment arrives. Every day I am bewildered by the business environment that comes later.

On the one hand, people and cars are allowed to enter roads under construction without permission, and on the other hand, I have the impression that there are only regulations that don't seem to make sense in the business world. When I talked to a Japanese person who has business experience in Russia, he said that it is the same in Russia.

Compared to here, Laos and Cambodia are heaven where goods arrive from Japan in 3 weeks and customs clearance is quick. Even though there are many, many regulations, Japan is a business paradise, so to speak. Well, there is no use in blabbering about it, so from now on I will deal with it by sending out 20-foot containers frequently at short intervals.



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