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2023年のPTP EURO株式会社活動報告 PTPEURO Corporation Activity Report for 2023

PTP EURO株式会社としての一期目が終了致しました。











We have completed our first term as PTP EURO Co.

I arrived in Moldova at the end of January, and with the support of various people, we prepared for the opening of our first store, including importing products, and finally opened our first store in mid-May.

It was a very moving experience that we will never forget.

We were very anxious about entering Europe, which is a new territory for our group, because there were many things we did not know, but we received the cooperation of many people, including our accounting company.

We will continue to manage our business without forgetting our gratitude.

In December, we opened our second store in a better location in the center of the city.

The second store is now positioned as our main store.

We have also been doing business with about 10 wholesalers, although we have not yet focused on the retail business, and we have realized that we can generate sales even in a small country by doing business in the blue ocean where there is no competition for Japanese products.

It has been a year of many challenges, and we will continue to boldly take on new challenges.

In the coming year, we will focus on cosmetics sales, wholesale business, and cross-border EC.

We look forward to your continued support.

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