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2023年度 学研事業のご報告 Report on Gakken Projects for FY2023






In FY2023, we managed our business with the goal of providing Gakken's curriculum in more areas and improving member satisfaction.

Currently, more than 250 Laotian children are studying with us. The number of members at our first directly operated classroom in the capital city of Vientiane has exceeded 100, and we have also opened a classroom in the Dongdok area, known for its national university, as well as an after-school partnership program with an elementary school in the city, enabling more children to learn together. The number of members at our directly operated schools in the central and southern provinces of Savannakhet has also been steadily increasing, and we have received good reviews from parents.

In addition, for the comfort of our members, we have reorganized the learning environment and renovated the waiting room, as well as held various events such as baking sweets, Japanese language activities, and Christmas events for the children's enjoyment.

Our staff will continue to work diligently to help children acquire non-cognitive skills that will last a lifetime through math, and at the same time, make them feel happy that they are attending our school.



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