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モルドバ首都キシナウに市内2店舗目をオープン Opened second store in center of Chisinau.





In mid-December, we opened our second directly managed store in a more accessible location. In addition, the first store was located one street off the main street, making it difficult to be seen by the public.

The second store opened in the same location as the first and has continued to attract many customers since the beginning of January. The second store has been blessed with the same number of customers as the first, and has continued to receive more customers since the beginning of January.

Until now, due to the uniqueness of its products, Phin Tokyo Plaza has not had the opportunity to open multiple stores in the same area, but now we have the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of opening multiple stores for greater convenience in different areas.

Although we are facing some headwinds from the New Year, such as soaring shipping costs and delays in arrivals due to the Red Sea incident since the end of the year, we will continue to make every effort to manage our stores so that we can continue to satisfy our customers.

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